Hi! I'm Alex Durrant - analyst, writer, biscuit thief and quick learner.


I am a graduate of Journalism & Marketing at Monash University. Highly media savvy and passionate about world affairs, I grew up on the internet as a tinkerer and content consumer. My connections to various digital ecosystems allow me to stay close to ongoing trends and quickly leverage them.


Bachelor of Marketing &
Bachelor of Arts (Journalism)
Monash University Melbourne

VCE Graduation
Scotch College Melbourne

Monash University
Letter of Recommendation

Alex has been a high-achieving and hard-working student in digital storytelling and digital production, offered in the Faculty of Arts’ Journalism program.

He has shown initiative, creativity and critical reflection to produce excellent multimedia and stories for digital web pages and Adobe Muse.
— Julie Tullberg - Monash University, Faculty of Arts


  • School Swimming (Captain), Water Polo & House Colours

  • AISS Principal’s Award (Academic Excellence & Visual Arts)

  • Rio Tinto Science Competition - High Distinction

  • Regulatory Guide 146 (Financial Advice)

  • AUSTSWIM Lifeguard & Teacher of Swimming & Water Safety

  • Volunteer work in Australia & South East Asia


Microsoft Office

Adobe Indesign

Adobe Illustrator


Adobe Muse/Wordpress



Attention to detail

Takes initiative



  • Further develop my creating & writing processes to be fluid & confident - both off/online

  • Tailor my skillset to suit a versatile professional environment by experiencing a variety of demands & outcomes

  • Keep listening, reading, talking, enquiring & challenging

  • Be a driver of positive & accessible change in a technologically and socially changing world

  • Move beyond my comfort zone and have fun!


Darren Tullberg
(+61) 0409 635 643
Lauriston Head of Swimming

Richard O’Nians
(+61) 0405 506 897
NAB Area Manager



A collection of various pieces written by me. I have tried to show a versatility of long & short form, and journalistic & marketing focuses on a range of subjects.


These were multi-person marketing projects completed during my time at Monash University. Each focuses on a different aspect of the marketing process, from macro decision making to implementation, and represents a major body of work from that unit.

Optical Distortion
Strategic Marketing

This project was an in-depth study into the theoretical sale of violence-preventing contact lenses for chickens in mainland 1974 America at an SBU level. We identified reluctance to adopt a new product as the strongest deterrent to sales and developed multiple strategies to overcome this. Strategies were assessed against criteria developed from the case study and a detailed implementation was developed including various contingency plans.

My primary focus was the development of detailed financial & penetration models for each strategy, and the collation of potential consumer data to inform our decisions. This was crucial for our assessment of each strategy, as well as to capitalise on opportunities to utilise advertising or unorthodox demographics at several stages.

Our coordination and communication as a team was excellent, and we were able to present a strong case for our developed strategy, perhaps only hindered by a focus on risk mitigation over seizing realistic risks.

Moonlit Sanctuary
Planning & Implementation

In this project we worked alongside Moonlit Sanctuary to assess a full industry, market, competitor, customer and internal analysis of their business as to develop a new positioning strategy. Our primary goal was to identify a broad variety of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats that could be harnesses to achieve objectives developed alongside Moonlit Sanctuary. Diving deep into these macro- and micro-environmental factors set us up well to make the bolder decisions about the sanctuary’s positioning we thought were necessary.

Ultimately we targeted the demographic of able-bodied seniors to fill the sanctuary’s off-peak daytime slot. This specificity allowed us to develop a program-based recommendation to draw a repeat audience and generate value, while staying within the companies resources.

Microsoft Lumia
Integrated Marketing Strategy

The Lumia project presented a unique opportunity in which we chose not to completely redefine an unsuccessful marketing strategy, and instead focus it further to build a stronger product image. We developed profiles and specific media campaign outlines to push this more refined product image, utilising seasonal events and ongoing metrics to measure this strategy’s success.

Having to stop short of actually producing or implementing these campaigns did limit the scope of our project, and the robustness of our budgeting - however our approach to isolating our demographic and defining a clear new position for the brand provided us a lot of certainty in how to approach each specific advert. Were I to do this again I would place greater emphasis on cross-promotional opportunities to leverage other sources of brand equity.





As part of my role editing and writing for the MLC Newsletter ‘Sprint’ to create a more modern, legible layout that could work in spread or page-by-page. This design evolved across issues, but kept bold headings for information finding, and prominent photos & quotes to encourage member submissions and participation.


Korean Seismic Infographic

An experimental infographic charting major seismic activity around the Korean peninsular from 2006 to 2016 alongside confirmed nuclear tests in the same region.

The idea was to demonstrate how the same tools can be used to track both, following a period of repeated earthquakes and tensions over North Korean tests.

This would be improved by presenting seismic data of each event through an interactive format to demonstrate the different readings gathered. Alternatively featuring a stronger call to action would solidify what impression the viewer is meant to take from this.

I would now change several elements including the fonts and colour palette, but am still happy with this result as a proof of concept.



If somehow you haven’t seen my resume yet, here’s your chance before you go!