Swim School Coordinator

Lauriston Girls School / 2019 - 2019

  • Took on responsibilities coordinating team across multiple programs

  • Designed and implemented marketing, organisational, and safety initiatives

  • Long-term focus on outcomes and deliverability

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Alex Durrant
Swim Instructor

Lauriston Girls School / 2015 - 2018

This role began completely focused on teaching, however after gaining some experience with the school I took on an increasing number of administrative and managerial roles. Across a variety of situations I developed my confidence, ability to improvise and react quickly, and versatility of interaction.

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Alex Durrant

MLC Swim School / 2016 - 2018

  • Self-driven role collating and editing bi-monthly newsletter

  • Independently balanced creative & practical demands

  • Volunteer role to develop & apply skillset

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Alex DurrantMLC Aquatic