Manager/Swim Instructor

Lauriston Girls School

2015 - now

This role began completely focused on teaching, however after gaining some experience with the school I took on an increasing number of administrative and managerial roles. Now this comprises the majority of my work with Lauriston, coordinating staff and liaising with a variety of customers independently - while seeking new opportunities to expand our offerings and reach.

Some of my achievements in this role include:

  • Developing and running 8-week long programs with external schools for over 200 children, providing personalised feedback and streamlining internal systems for tracking long-term progress.

  • Introducing multiple small scale marketing initiatives such as banner adverts, participating in and supporting local community events, and developing relationships with local schools to run their regular swimming programs.

  • Integrating up to date compliance and convenience programs to allow staff to work more productively and easily. This ranged from simplifying rosters & substitute staff, to updating safety protocols to ensure legal protections.

This has been a comprehensive experience, leading me to be more confident in my decision making process and initiative. I have always felt engaged and welcome by the staff and culture here and will certainly value this moving forward.

Alex Durrant