Swim School Coordinator

Lauriston Girls School

2019 - 2019 (4 month role)

This was a largely administrative role, in which I lead our team of instructors while liaising with school administration and parents. This required a balance of demands and priorities, necessitating clear communication and trust with all staff. I was able to take advantage of this situation to develop and clarify internal systems and programs, factoring in the varied needs of stakeholders with the goal of delivering better teaching outcomes while empowering instructors.

Some of my achievements in this role include:

  • Developing and running 8-week long programs with external schools for over 200 children, providing personalised feedback and streamlining internal systems for tracking long-term progress.

  • Introducing multiple small scale marketing initiatives such as banner adverts, participating in and supporting local community events, and developing relationships with local schools and community groups.

  • Integrating up to date compliance and convenience programs to allow staff to work more productively and easily. This ranged from simplifying rosters & substitute staff, to updating safety protocols to ensure legal protections.

This has been a comprehensive experience, leading me to be more confident in my decision making process and initiative. I have always felt engaged and welcome by the staff and culture here and will certainly value this moving forward.

Alex Durrant