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Argument against legalising the sale of kidneys

The issue with this line of thinking arises from how we can apply this thinking to other more undesirable outcomes. While the transference of kidneys is acceptable due to the lessened risk to the donor and tolerable quality of life, that distinction becomes more clouded when discussing the transference of limbs or more crucial organs. Would the sale of an arm or an eyeball represent too large of a loss of quality of life, or is it more repugnant due to its overtness? Radin suggests that “to preserve organ donation as an opportunity for altruism is also one way of keeping from our view the desperation of poor people.” (Kyriazi, 2015) Certainly here it would be difficult to ignore the plight of the poor in good conscience were they required to blatantly disassemble themselves to survive.

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David Jones marketing channel recommendations

“Omni-channel” was used to refer to the utilisation of one core infrastructure to deliver a consistent experience across devices, consumers and channels to the customer. The “click and collect” initiative is highly evocative of this as it used existing brick-and-mortar infrastructure to provide a faster product to online shoppers via in-store pickups. As the products were already stocked in stores, it was simply a matter of establishing the infrastructure to process orders, but the pay-out for some consumers was huge.

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South China Sea & Representative Journalism

China’s claim and movements in the South China Sea are both politically charged and highly complex activities, prompting a complicated array of responses to the developments. Each of the provided publications focuses on a different aspect and outcome of the sudden focus on the region, and appears to share a bias or point-of-view consistent with the nationality of the publication. None of the articles openly lie; each could be defined as ‘truthful’, however the varying priorities and perspectives are readily apparent by the details each article focuses on.

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