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CBD not a home for the homeless

Melbourne researcher James Petty suggests that rough sleepers are among those worse affected by this growing securitisation, and urged alertness to how all developments are shaping our public space. “Some [defensive design] looks clearly hostile, what we’re seeing is more subtle and aesthetically pleasing,” he said “this doesn’t look scary, often more neutral.” Of note was the erection of scaffolding outside Flinders St Station directly on the site previously popular among homeless sleepers. This site was the subject of an attempted eviction last year amongst a proposed ban on homelessness in the CBD which was later rescinded after mass protest. “There are little signs of construction commencing there, but it’s certainly no longer available to the homeless.”

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David Jones marketing channel recommendations

“Omni-channel” was used to refer to the utilisation of one core infrastructure to deliver a consistent experience across devices, consumers and channels to the customer. The “click and collect” initiative is highly evocative of this as it used existing brick-and-mortar infrastructure to provide a faster product to online shoppers via in-store pickups. As the products were already stocked in stores, it was simply a matter of establishing the infrastructure to process orders, but the pay-out for some consumers was huge.

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'Future of the Written Word'

Hosted in the Deakin Edge theatre the ‘Future of the Written’ word discussion cut a dark and gloomy train of thought through the Melbourne Writers Festival; designed to celebrate the potential directions and forces pushing the writing sphere. Opening with marketing experts Adam Pugh and Ben Birchall we mourned the written word as falling into disrepair and disregard. A desire for content munching and clicks having relegated it to a functional role easily replaceable by the cacophony of other stories and advertising we are expected to consume and connect with.

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