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CBD not a home for the homeless

Melbourne researcher James Petty suggests that rough sleepers are among those worse affected by this growing securitisation, and urged alertness to how all developments are shaping our public space. “Some [defensive design] looks clearly hostile, what we’re seeing is more subtle and aesthetically pleasing,” he said “this doesn’t look scary, often more neutral.” Of note was the erection of scaffolding outside Flinders St Station directly on the site previously popular among homeless sleepers. This site was the subject of an attempted eviction last year amongst a proposed ban on homelessness in the CBD which was later rescinded after mass protest. “There are little signs of construction commencing there, but it’s certainly no longer available to the homeless.”

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Virtual Reality Cinema

Only holding eight viewing seats at the moment, Michael clearly envisions the future of VR to be very personal. Forfeiting your sight and hearing to transport your mind to another world could feel like an intensely voyeuristic experience, where you disconnect from your body entirely, but this is not the case here. Despite a partnership with the Melbourne Fringe Festival I was privy to a private ‘screening’ - seemingly not a rare occurrence, but very pleasant when hearing any rare movement can reassert an awareness of your blindness and disconnectedness.

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'Future of the Written Word'

Hosted in the Deakin Edge theatre the ‘Future of the Written’ word discussion cut a dark and gloomy train of thought through the Melbourne Writers Festival; designed to celebrate the potential directions and forces pushing the writing sphere. Opening with marketing experts Adam Pugh and Ben Birchall we mourned the written word as falling into disrepair and disregard. A desire for content munching and clicks having relegated it to a functional role easily replaceable by the cacophony of other stories and advertising we are expected to consume and connect with.

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South China Sea & Representative Journalism

China’s claim and movements in the South China Sea are both politically charged and highly complex activities, prompting a complicated array of responses to the developments. Each of the provided publications focuses on a different aspect and outcome of the sudden focus on the region, and appears to share a bias or point-of-view consistent with the nationality of the publication. None of the articles openly lie; each could be defined as ‘truthful’, however the varying priorities and perspectives are readily apparent by the details each article focuses on.

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PACmen Review

While documenting this hype and excitement Walker’s film is at its strongest, charting events and introducing an array of volunteers and PAC employees. Their interactions feel natural and Walker’s presence unobtrusive, it is a testimony to his fly-on-the-wall camera work that this time spent feels genuinely exciting (and some clever editing inserts some uncertainty sans-voiceover). Unfortunately Carson’s tale does not end climactically, and the slow burn of his campaign into obscurity largely matches the liveliness of the documentary.

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Self-harming arson charges appealed

A Melbournian woman has successfully appealed her 4 year sentence, after being found guilty of setting fire to her own home. Her sentence has been amended to her 290 days served in prison already, after disputing the case due to her deteriorating mental condition while in confinement. Ms Jennifer Martin, 59 pleaded guilty in September 2014 to two charges of arson, after twice setting her living room ablaze

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KidNapping of artists' voice

iTunes’ enormous initial success was not only born from the rapidly growing iPod brand but Apple’s willingness to embrace traditional pricing systems. Much like Napster the purchasing power was entirely with the consumer, only now it was so easy. To woo record companies turned sceptical by the rise of piracy Apple could offer a non-intrusive DRM system, and allow them to embrace the digital age without acknowledging Napster and its look-a-likes as an incredibly important promotional tool.

It is fair to say that the online distribution services we take for granted were born from Napster and its following entourage of other Peer-to-Peer networks, each one a little less quasi-legal than the last.

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